Monday, September 1, 2008

Slime Time

Last night was our children's programming fall kick-off event at church-called Slime Time. I was there to take family pictures as kids arrived and then get a few candids too. My kids always love the bounce house (Me too!) but they had some neat bubble things this time too. This is Doodle in one of them. She's standing on a brick paver in the middle of a kiddy pool. Then a hula hoop is dropped into the bubble mixture and pulled up around her. She's inside a bubble!
Mator loved the bubble machine. The idea was to battle the bubbles with the swim noodle but she would lock in on one bubble and follow it until she popped it! The other picture is the "Slime Time" character that she was alternatively fascinated by and terrified of! I figured if I printed out this picture and taped it to everything I don't want her to touch, it might be a pretty effective behavior management strategy!

Muffin claims to have liked everything (except the face painting) although since she spent most of the evening in the bounce house I don't have any really good pictures of her. But here's one of of our whole gang!

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