Saturday, August 30, 2008

Total Count: $34.05

In early August, our church had a "Mission Week" for kids that had school-agers go out and serve others for a few days. Among other things, Muffin and I had a chance to sort food at a local food pantry, make cards for shut ins, help clean our church and volunteer at the local Humane Society to walk dogs and pet cats. Muffin LOVED this last one. She adores cats and kittens and wanted to buy them some new toys.
Flash back to a week before the mission week. Muffin had mentioned that she'd like to have a lemonade stand to make some money. When I asked her what she would do with the money she made she said, "Buy more lemonade". What an entrepreneur! I convinced her that eventually she would have to do something other than invest in the business and encouraged her to think about it.
So after visiting the Humane Society we talked about how they pay for the food, medicine (and toys) for the animals and she decided she wanted to donate the money to them. Doodle asked to help too so she and I made cookies to sell with the lemonade. When my mom and s-i-laws said they were having a garage sale, we even had a place to do it. Doodle, Mator and I spent about 3 hours there on Friday and Muffin, Doodle and I spent about four hours on Saturday to make a grand total of $34.05 (Where did that nickel come from????) Thanks to everyone who helped: watching Mator, allowing us to park our stand at the garage sale and having hungry and thirsty kids! We'll take the cash in to the Humane Society when both Muffin and Doodle can go. Here are a few pictures from Muffin's visit to the H.S. and the lemonade stand too.

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