Friday, November 21, 2008

How I Met Your Father

I love to read these accounts on everyone else's blog-even if I don't know them so here's my entry in "How I met your father."

The year was 1991 and we were both juniors in high school. Even though we attended different high schools, we both came to my church's youth group. I remember when one of my best friends introduced my to Andy in the kitchen of our hosts. I actually had the conscious thought, "Hmmm. Has his class ring on-that's useful information." So I secretly pined away at my school throughout the spring and summer and we ran into each other frequently as our social circles crossed.

The most awkward of those moments was when he was on a double date (with someone else) to the 4th of July celebration in Columbus and amid the 1,000,000 revelers, we ran into each other on a public bus. Later that summer, we went to see Tecumseh as a group of friends. It was August 12. The tickets cost $10. We sat in row FF. I know this because I actually saved this ticket stub.
Anyway, there were four of us that went and on the way home, as we piled into the car I managed to maneuver myself into the backseat with Andy. I was in heaven even if he was oblivious. I mean, our armhairs practically touched! I finally told our mutual friend Smitty about my longstanding crush on his friend and within a couple weeks, we had our first date. A few weeks after that, we went to this homecoming dance at Lancaster High School. Love the hair?
That spring (1992) we went to proms at Fairfield Union and Lancaster. I'm not sure which one this was.The next fall we went to different colleges- he to Wittenberg and I to Ohio University. We were 2 1/2 hours apart and estimate that over the next four years we put nearly 16,000 miles on our cars. Nearly six years after our first date, we were married in June of 1997. Now, around Andy's February birthday, we will celebrate our half-life together. That is, since we were 17 1/2 when we started dating, and we will be 35 on our next birthdays, we will have spent half of our life together. I'll have to take a whole other post to tell what a wonderful blessing it has been to have been married to this man but suffice it to say, I know the Lord's hand was in all of this and I am so thankful!


Adina4Christ said...

I just thought it was interestingi, was reading the ticket and it really shows how much God has been taken out of things. It says if the show should be canceled by rain or some other act of God. Now we wouldn't see that. Times have indeed changed.

Janis said...

I hadn't even noticed that Dina, you're right that a lot has changed over the last 17 years!

Brandon said...

That's a great story. Love the pictures (and the hair!). Takes me back.