Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ode to My Meniscus

Ode to My Meniscus - 2008

One summer day

A mom did try

To race her darling daughter.

Through a bounce house

She did fly

And really should have caught her.

But alas,

Her knee did “pop”

And the pain spread to her head.

Mommy lost

Then did shop

For a doctor whose bill she would dread.

Doc said, “Look!

What have we here?

I think your meniscus is torn.”


Confirmed that fear

And now for her cartilage we mourn.

So surgery

Will now be planned

To remove the painful piece.

Now we do pray

The doctor’s hand

Is steady and his heart full of peace.

And so we part

I hardly knew you

Oh cartilage in my knee.

The day you’re gone

The pain will be too

And no more bounce houses for me!

- Janis Smeltzer, 2008

This poem was inspired by my friend Vanessa (who has written beautiful and moving tributes to both her stolen snowmobile and her stolen bike. Check out her blog here.) and written almost entirely while waiting for the doctor and scheduling nurse at the appointment today!


BoufMom9 said...

OH HOLY OUCH! that sounds REALLY painful! YIKES!

rileyinyellowknife said...

Oh my gosh! That sounds really painful! And I actually know what a meniscus is!
I am always amazed at how the knee is really just a bunch of ligaments and a patella holding the major bones of the leg together...and it's a joint that supports most of our weight.
I am honoured that you were inspired by my poems, but yours is far superior! Actually very, very funny, although I don't think you are laughing, eh?
I hope the surgery goes well...will it be laproscopic?

Janis said...

Yes Vanessa, it is going to be scoped in January-I forgot for a moment that you were a nurse! You might be the only one who didn't have to look at my link to know what a meniscus is. Heck, until about 3 weeks ago, I didn't know either!