Monday, August 25, 2008

A "Ho' Bag!"

It has finally happened!! Mator took herself to the potty and "dropped the kids off at the pool". She "took the Browns to the Super Bowl" or "released some hostages". YEH! This was not a particularly good morning as far as these things go. Walking around almost naked all morning, she had actually peed twice on the floor which is very unusual. She also found a highlighter and redecorated my TV room walls and the slipcover on the couch but that is totally unrelated and not so unusual.

She was playing downstairs with us and the next thing I know I hear her yelling, Mommy, come here! See this!" When I found her she was still yelling, and standing beside her potty. I, of course, did not have to fake excitement at this wonderful act. She wanted to try for some more so here is a part of our conversation as she sat on the pot...

ME: (Singing potty song) Mator went poopy in the potty, Mator went poopy in the potty, Mator went poopy in the pooooottttttyyyyyy-And now she gets a whole bag!
(Whole bag is simply a reference to the fact that doing a #2 in the potty gets a toddler a "whole bag" of monkey fruit snacks. This is significant because doing a #1 only gets said toddler ONE monkey fruit snack)
Mator: Ho' Bag!!
ME: Yes!! As soon as you are done!

A few minutes later, after viewing her efforts multiple times before I could dump it in the big potty our conversation continued:
Mator: Eat it? (this said in the sincerest little voice)
ME: Oh good night NO! Poopy is yucky! It will make you sick!
Mator: Daddy eat it?
ME: Oh NO! No one eats poop-it makes you very sick!
Mator: No one?
ME: No one.
Mator: That's yucky!

So if Mator ever happens to "spackle the bowl" at your house, and she calls out "ho' bag!" you will know that she is not calling names in urban slang, she is simply celebrating her achievement!

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frandy said...

I suppose you will think I'm prejudiced ,but I like the blog very much. You need to know that the one about Muffin's first day in second grade brought back some of my memories of you coming home from school and not being very communicative either. In fact, I used to tell people how much I liked to have you call me at work because I knew you would talk a lot more about what went on that day than when we were at home together I'm glad that it is so easy to talk to you now.

Keep up the blog. It's super.

Love Mom