Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Darling Drowsy Doodle

Wow! What a day! After dropping Muffin off at school and Mator at Pop & Sue's, Doodle and I headed over to the dentists office where we were both pronounced excellent brushers! Yeh!

It was around 10:00 when we got to my great-great Aunt Elsie's assisted living place. For financial reasons she's moving from the assisted living wing to the nursing home wing. It is actually only about 5 rooms (around a corner) away but is a good bit smaller. Considering that the amount of things in her two rooms was pretty much the equivalent of furnishings for an entire house, it was quite a challenge to reduce that all down to one room.

My mom is very good at deciding which are Elsie's favorite pieces so with the help of the handyman, we moved most of it today. Doodle was amazing. She had such a great attitude and did everything I asked-dusted, carried things, handed me things, pushed the cart, pushed Elsie's wheelchair... she was busy! And when she wasn't helping, she was racing around in the hallway on the wheeled carts that we used to push some heavy stuff around. I wasn't sure how long she'd be able to keep up but once she discovered that there were fountain drinks available at our disposal, I think she could have moved in! First there was the cran-grape concoction we created, then apple juice, next was Sprite. Now, my kids don't drink pop. Not because I'm so health conscious but because they don't like the "spicy" taste of carbonation. But not today. Doodle found a new love-"Sprite". She couldn't get enough of it and kept negotiating with my mom and I to go and refill her cup.

At 1:30 they had some dancers from Columbus come in to entertain the residents. Doodle escorted Aunt Elsie down to the public area and waited for the dancers. I stayed for the first song and took a few pictures then went back to work in Elsie's room. About 20 minutes later a nurse came in to tell me that Doodle had fallen asleep! I grabbed my camera and caught her dozing against the couch, it was so cute! Considering that all she had put into her system since 7:30 was juice, Sprite and some of Elsie's mac and cheese, I don't blame her!

Dozing Doodle Asleep by aunt Elsie's feet The entertainers

Aunt Elsie & Doodle before we moved things into her new room

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frankiii said...

What a great blog with such beautiful grandchildren. I hope Janis is saving all these as a diary for her progeny to read when they grow up. A lot of time and effort goes into it.
It gives me great fatherly pride when one of my children does something I have not done, especially with computers, even though it also drives me crazy and makes me want to do it too, just to keep up. But I give up. I can't do this. But I will enjoy reading this one.
Hello to Muffin, Doodle and Mator.