Sunday, November 15, 2009

This One's for the Out-Laws

This is my cheap and easy way of letting my in-laws see the pictures from our fall shoot. But for those of you who are interested:
Andy's grandma-Mona; parents - Jim and Sue; brother-Todd (and his wife Julie) and their three kids; and us.

Todd and his family:
Andy and our family:
great grandma Mona:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Raiding the Dress up Box

I kind of resent the fact that Halloween is celebrated on the last day of the month. Somehow, that makes my posting in November about it seem late. But the reality is, it was only 12 days ago. And that's not too bad for me!

So here they are ready to go trick or treating.There's muffin the clown.... Mator is Cinderella...
and Doodle is.... any guesses? Give up? A roller skater. Really. I am not making this up. I tried to gently persuade her to possibly add something to her costume in the minutes before we headed out the door. And her response? "I am. I am wearing roller skates." There is a connection to last year's Halloween (click here to read that).

So what is a mom to do? I was a little afraid of having "that kid" who wouldn't wear a costume but wanted candy. But in her mind, she was totally incognito. Here is how she dressed up for the kindergarten party at her school. They don't celebrate Halloween but they do celebrate with a harvest party. All the kids are allowed to dress up as scarecrows or farmers. Now this is cute...