Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wow! It's just that simple!

OK. I can't believe that it is just that easy to start a blog. Don't I need a license to influence or something? Wait. I guess that would imply that someone would be reading this and that might not even happen.
So I've been reading blogs for a year or two and I thought that if we do end up traveling abroad next year, that would be a good time for a blog. But I want to be good at it by then and have it all figured out so this is my practice blog.
My first entry is going to be about the title of my blog. One of the reasons I hadn't started my own blog yet is because I just can't think of a clever name. I mean, you have to have a clever name or it might indicate to a reader that you aren't that clever. And that would be bad. But honestly the biggest reason I haven't started my own blog is because I think, who the heck would care what I write? But now that I have a potential to do something (travel overseas) that I wouldn't be able to easily share with friends and family, maybe I would have an audience. So, back to the lack of a clever name. It has haunted me too long so when I looked to see how hard it would be to start my own blog and found that it was not hard at all, I was suddenly at the part where you have to submit a name. Panic began to well up inside me and I calmly asked myself, "What do you think of when you think of your family?" Almost instantly a Sesame Street classic popped into my head. It goes like this:
"Oh I've got five people in my family, and there's not one of them I'd swap. There is a sister and two brothers and a mother and a pop (That's me!). Oh five is such a pretty number..." This was a particularly meaningful song as a child because our family of five did indeed have a sister and two brothers. But my current family of 5 involves 3 sisters and a mother and a dad. And even though everyone asks us if we're going to try for the boy, and even though I always had hoped that Andy would have a son, there's not one of those girls that I'd swap. They will each be featured in future posts so that's all for tonight!

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