Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Aid in the Second Grade

It's the second day of second grade. Things went pretty well this morning, actually, better than ever before. Muffin got up, got dressed and ready and was down so early that when she turned on the TV to watch "Hi-5" she thought it was over because they were all singing. It turns out they do that at the beginning too but we had never been downstairs that early! She was cheerful and completed all the morning tasks without complaint. We even picked up the kids on time so it looked like a great day!
Doodle had a playdate this morning with "Little Grace" and they had a splendid time, even allowing Mator to join in for much of the fun. After I had put Mator down for her nap and was reading to Doodle, the phone call came from the school. Now, every time I see the school's name on the caller ID my first thought is, "I hope everything is OK with Muffin". This time I just figured, "What paperwork did I forget?" I mean, it's the second day of school so what else could be wrong?
Nurse Andrea reported that Muffin was complaining about her ear hurting and it looked quite red. It was already 2:00 so Andy will get there as soon as he can but poor thing! I made her an appt. with the doc tomorrow at 11:00 so it remains to be seen whether she'll be absent and miss 1/3 of the school year!

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