Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of Second Grade

Well, the day that I've avoided thinking about since the last day of first grade arrived today. Bright and early. When my alarm went off at 6:30 (I slept in for the first day) I actually thought-"Why aren't I homeschooling?". But I dragged everyone else out of bed at 7:00 and it wasn't too horrible. Andy even met us at the school as a surprise to Muffin. I wasn't sure how a big 7 1/2 year old would handle getting her picture taken at the school and with the teacher and at her desk but she was a champ. I daresay she even enjoyed it. Here is a picture I snapped on the front porch. Notice little sister in the back window desperately wanting to join us. The was such a visual metaphor for the was it was for both sisters that I thought it was perfect.
After dropping Grace off, Emma, Katy and I got in the van and as she buckled her seatbelt, the reality of her (Emma) situation must have hit her like a ton of bricks. She asked, "Who am I going to play with?" as if she had never considered this aspect of Grace going back to school. Poor thing. If I were a really great mom I would have prepared for this situation by setting up a play date for today. As it was, I set one up for tomorrow and we went to the grocery store instead.
At one point in the store I was standing about ten feet away from the cart selecting ice cream when I hear Emma scream and yell, "Stop it". I don't even turn around. I'm perfectly aware that Katy just injured her in some way but come on-I've got important decisions to make- mint chocolate chip or cookie dough? Two seconds later, "OW!! Emma hit me." OK, fine-mint chocolate chip AND cookie dough. The lady coming down the aisle towards us is chuckling and I am in a good enough mood to joke with her, "Sure, YOU think it's funny because it's not YOUR kids." She smiled and said it reminded of her of her childhood with her brother.
I got to pick Muffin up from school today and she was all abuzz (for her). We went to the bookstore to get her a Bible for school and she was so chatty about school. It turns out they had 3 recesses instead of two and she told me exactly how long each one lasted, who she played with (Caitlin, Heather and Renee) and which cousins she saw (both Jared and Will). She told me the details about lunch and the accumulation of stars by the class to earn a party. I was really proud of her because I had asked her to try and include the new girl (Heather) when they played and she had actually done it! I know that isn't easy for her either. She was a regular chatterbox compared to normal so I was loving it.
We have really had a good month of talking and getting along and I'm thankful for that development. I pray that it will continue even as school starts and she gets more tired and we see less of each other.

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