Sunday, September 7, 2008

Do Over

All throughout 2007 I found myself saying, I could live this year over. So many wonderful things happened that I'd love to do again. But this year is different. This became very apparent to me over the course of six weeks last spring when we attended five funerals. I would not want to do this year again. However, I would do this WEEK again!!

It's been so full I haven't even been able to write about the cool photography convention that my business partner, Carolyn, and I got to go to on Tuesday in Columbus. The speaker was Sandy Puc and she was a great speaker. The focus was on maternity and newborns and I'm really excited to get to apply some of the things I learned to my friends' baby, Kylie in a week or so!

Then there was the Lion King which I've already written about. And Doodle's first day of preschool. But then there was Saturday....Cue "Carmen Ohio" in the background Buckeyes fans!

Andy works part time for our local Christian radio station as their sports director (90.9 FM) and was convinced by a very wise woman (ah-HEM) to apply to get press credentials for an OSU game. Long story short, he got them for the game he requested (OU-incidentally, I have 2 degrees from there and Andy has his Masters from there!!) and I got to go with him.

The first cool things about getting a press pass is that it is FREE! A second cool thing is that it comes with a FREE awesome parking pass. We arrived at the stadium around 9:45 for the noon game and upon showing our badges, were given access to just about anywhere in the stadium. The day was beautiful, cool in the morning and HOT in the afternoon.

So we just started walking around the sidelines, pretending like we knew what we were doing and taking pictures of everything. I narrowed them down to my favorites so here they are...

As we're standing on the sidelines a security guard comes up to me and says, "Do you remember me?" It took a second to answer that single question I dread more than any other but it was John Souders-a highschool friend! He stands on the sidelines during the games and keeps people from getting on the field. He gave us some great tips about what was going to happen and where we should stand.

At exactly 10:00, the players, led by Coach Tressel and flanked by police officers, enter the stadium from the north end tunnel. They are all in suits and as they march down the sideline while the opposing team is stretching and warming up on the field, the music from the Sopranos begins to fill the stadium.

Then there's a cool picture of Andy with "Buckeyes" reflected on his glasses from the endzone.

The next guy is James Laurinitis. Can you see who his hero is on his eye black? Andy got that shot.

We stayed down there and while the band entered there was an amazing electricity that was everywhere. We were supposed to leave the field during the game but I got to snap a few shots of the opening kickoff and the first play before we left.

Then we found our seats in the air conditioned press box. Well, first we helped ourselves to the press buffet which included pulled pork sandwiches and oh, a McFlurry machine!!!

The next picture was our view from the press box. The row behind us had John Cooper and in front of us was Jimmy Crum (those two will only be recognizable to long time central Ohioans-sorry!)

At half time we went down to the camera deck and watched the hall of fame ceremony and then they brought in Michael Redd and Thad Motta so that he could show off his Olympic Gold Medal. I think that was the loudest cheer of the day.

Did I mention that the game could not have been better for a Buckeye Fan / OU Alum? OU (a five touchdown underdog) somehow was leading going into the fourth quarter. The next picture is the "go ahead" touchdown being scored (#3 has the ball).

During the 4th quarter we were allowed back down on the field. That next shot is our last touchdown where we were standing on the sideline right next to the endzone!! It was amazing!

The next shot of Andy on the sideline was actually taken before the game.

After the game, we rushed onto the field to find the Lancaster players on both teams to try and get a shot of the Bobcats and Buckeye together (we did!) but then were on the field for the prayer and standing about ten feet behind the players while they sand the alma mater with the band. WOW!

Finally, we got to see the press conference. As you can see, the press room was quite crowded but Andy turned around and saw this window and led the way up the stairs to an almost empty room with this great view. Then Ellen Tressel had to come in but oh well! Andy was quite brave by the time the day was over and I was very proud of him for making the most of every opportunity. He even walked behind Chris Spielman who was on the field for the post game show in an attempt to get on TV!

Thanks to Sandy and Frank for watching our kids all day and thank you Lord for just an awesome experience!!

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