Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lion King

In addition to the excitement of the first day of school, we had the excitement of going to see a production of the Lion King at the Ohio Theatre in Columbus. We went out to dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse (great idea Jason and Jill!) and the kids loved it! Mator spent the night at Jim and Sue's so it was just the four of us. Muffin suggested they wear their fancy Christmas dresses from last year so they looked so cute! I couldn't believe when we got there and saw how crowded it was, I was afraid we would be late but they seated us right away in the trolley car! Doodle asked me five times if it was going to start moving!

The girls were so well behaved and very thankful for the opportunity to have such a great night. Thanks to Sandy and Frank and Karen and Rod for the great deal on the seats! We were in the front row of the balcony (although for some reason it is called the Loge) and the seats were fantastic. They were so into the show from the first moment that it was just as entertaining to watch them. The girls were also suitably impressed with the beautiful theatre and being in the city which made the experience even more fun.

SPOILER ALERT: The second act begins with cast members running into the audience, singing a song, with bird puppets that soar all around the theatre. It is quite breathtaking and Muffin had the best comment when the song was over, "Why did that have to end?"

Andy bought a King Size box of M&Ms and one of Junior Mints at the intermission to sugar them up. A King Size box has about twice the volume of a regular size bag, hence the name "King Size". But Muffin saw the box, pulled out a Junior Mint and gasped, "These are huge!" To her, the "King" designation must mean the candy was big!

They both had so much fun with the songs they knew and even the ones they didn't. The show was over at about 10:45 so they were whipped to say the least. We didn't even get home until 11:45 so I relented and let Muffin sleep in and took her to school late. She is still talking about what a great show it was!

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Vanessa and Shane said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I love having other blogs to watch, it just gives me a good sense of what my family and friends are up to. I have to say, you write extremely well, which makes for an interesting blog, and your family is beautiful! And you, Janis, haven't changed a bit. :-)