Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Girl on the Bus

Some days everything seems to work out well. You get the kids to school on time, have a nice balance of play time/get some work done time, serve a relatively healthy lunch, spend some quality time with neglected third child, and a public entity does something they didn't have to. Today is one of those days. What made it so smooth was the the F.U. bus brought Doodle (and Muffin) home from school today. Even though Doodle is in preschool, they were willing to do it. I am really thankful when someone considers a situation with reason and makes a decision rather than just saying "no" because it is easier for them. That's what Rhonda at the bus barn did for us and it saves us time and money (gas). Doodle not only loves school, but got to take the snack bucket today and then ride the bus home. For her, life doesn't get any better!

Now we're heading out to church for AWANA. I feel so "lucky" today. Seriously, does anyone really believe that all these great things happen because of LUCK? I praise God when He intervenes in a way in my life that makes me appreciate all the good He's given. Now, when He intervenes in a way that is harder and teaches me something else, I'll look back at this post and say, "God is good-All the time." (Thanks to Pastor Beckett for that one!)

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