Friday, September 5, 2008

Daily Dose of Drama

When you have three little girls (and one big one) living in your house, it goes without saying that there is going to be some serious drama on occasion and today we had ourselves a little bit of drama. Above, you will notice the scariest looking fake Barbie that ever existed. It makes me wonder what the Chinese people that make these things think that white people look like! In her defense, she did start out with hair covering a little more of her head but the rest of her is just like we got her when Doodle delightedly chose her from the treasure box at the dentist's office last week. She dons a 1980's "Desperately Seeking Susan" wardrobe and her ring of hair was pulled up into a top of the head pony tail. All that being said, she is really only creepy because her arms and feet are flat like paper and Doodle regularly amputates and re-attaches the arms as part of the fun. When Doodle chose this doll (named Sally) I think I secretly hoped that all the other Barbies would prey upon Sally's inferiority and complete lack of coolness causing Sally to throw herself over the edge of the kitchen counter, falling to her death and landing (conveniently) in the trash can. I even set her on said counter more than once hoping she might get the idea. Sadly (for Doodle), a much more devastating turn of events occured this morning when Mator found Sally. Unable to resist the urge to put Sally's punky ponytail in her mouth, Mator yanked the front part of her hairline clean out thus revealing her really ineffective hairplug surgery.

Doodle shed many tears so I eventually agreed to try and fix her (hopefully Gorilla glue is not toxic to creepy fake Barbies). I'm hoping that when Doodle gets home from school she will have forgotten about her; but even if she does, I suspect that Sally will be giving me nightmares for some time!

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