Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of Preschool

Yesterday (Wednesday) was quite a day! I drove the kids to school in the morning, came home for a while, took Mator to Jim & Sue's and then Doodle and I had a "first day of preschool date". We went to "Bob Heavens" and Doodle was in heaven since I let her have a Sprite with her pancakes and sausage (yuck, I know). Throughout the morning she kept checking the plan for the day: After lunch we go to school, then a nap then we go to dinner and then Lion King. Really, since last spring, Doodle has been anticipating this day. When we would ask her at night, "What can we pray for you?" She would answer, "That I would have a good day at school...when I go". For the past week we've had a daily countdown of how much time was left until the blessed day arrived and here we were-finally. As we got ready to head into the school, Doodle had one last question, "Is Mrs. Kennedy really the best preschool teacher in the whole world?" By her tone of voice it was clear that she had heard this somewhere and was just confirming what she was ready to tell anyone else who asked. "Absolutely." I answered. And I believe it. She was Muffin's preschool teacher and she loved her too.
There was a smile on Doodle's face the entire morning and when I asked her to step on the porch for the obligatory "First Day of School Porch picture". I love how Mator is in the door window watching out just like she did for Muffin! The second shot includes the bookbag that we actually bought for her last year but since she didn't use it she gets it now. She's wearing it "like the high schoolers do" (she informed me that kids like Jill wear them over their shoulders).
We got to school about ten minutes early (yeh, I told Doodle not to get used to that!) and I was telling her how cute she looked in the outfit she had picked out at Kohl's just for this occasion-a jean skirt and High School Musical shirt. I mentioned casually that it was too bad that Daddy couldn't see how cute she looked. Just then, Andy snuck up behind her and though I didn't think it was possible, her smile got even bigger as she jumped up into his arms. He ran over during his lunch period to surprise her.
Then there is a picture with Mrs. Kennedy. Can't you just tell she is an awesome teacher!

Two other cute stories about her first day. 1. As we walk her into the classroom, Doodle finds her name on her cubby and hangs up her backpack as if she did this everyday. Mrs. Kennedy asked her to sit on a colored shape and she sat next to the only other girl that was there and started chatting her up! No shyness here!
2. After school, I decided to pick up Muffin first since I figured the preschool would take longer for pickup. Muffin practically ran out the door of her classroom, bubbling over, "Can I pick up Doodle by myself? I've been trying to see her all afternoon. I didn't see her though. Can I go ahead without you?" She was so excited for her sister. The last picture is Muffin getting the first hug as she left the classroom. She's already asking in her Mommy voice, "How was your day?" It was so sweet! I was really proud of both of them today in the way they treated each other and Doodle's excitement and eagerness to try something new.

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