Monday, September 8, 2008

Posted by request...

OK, so I left out "the rest of the story" or what happened after the game in order to protect the innocent. But an anonymous reader made a request for this photo to be posted and I can't resist my fans. OK, fan. Pictured are my brother in law, Todd (center), his friend Johnny and someone they parked next to for the OSU game. Needless to say, Applebees did not appreciate their taking a parking space on their lot for going to a Buckeyes game (in their defense, apparently the sign warning against parking there was postage stamp size). So, they saved $10 by not parking in a pay lot, but let's just say that would have been $10 well spent! Luckily for them, we were there to give them free transportation to the tow lot and luckily for us they had a good sense of humor about it!

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