Friday, September 12, 2008

Doodle and Toad Go To School

If there is one thing that makes me love being a parent, it is being privy to the pure, uninhibited, joy of my child. And yes I know that not everyone in the world thinks it's a big deal that MY child is excited about something but as long as that something is not hurting someone else and can be set aside after a reasonable amount of time, I am going to get excited with them. Today Doodle had a moment of awe that lasted a good couple hours. I had sent her out in the rain (yes she was wearing her boots, raincoat and had an umbrella) to get something from the "store" (AKA Grammy's house next door). I had barely sent her out the door when I heard a commotion that drew me back out. She had discovered a big, honkin' toad and not only that-she caught it! We found a big box to keep him in and after he had emptied his bladder sufficiently, I sent her on her mission. Grammy has everything and not only sent back the requisite Cream of Tartar but also a nice cat cage that worked as a temporary home for "Tooty Todd the Toad" (My apologies to Uncle Todd!)

Doodle generously gave Mator a chance to hold the toad.

The best was taking it to school. Doodle repeated 100x, "I caught a toad, all by myself" to anyone who approached her cage, or even walked past us. She was so proud of herself! Her wonderful teacher even let her share it with the class even though we just showed up with it.

I wanted Muffin to be able to see it too and since her classroom is in the same building, it was just a matter of waiting for her class to get back from art. Her teacher knew a lot about toads and let me know that they drink through their skin so he needed to stay moist and have access to water. I had put a little dish of water in there and sure enough, he was sitting in it! And I'm just going to say it even though I suspect it borders on being a little prideful: I am really happy that my girls are not afraid of toads or worms or even snakes (even though the last one is a fear of mine). They love these living things and it makes living out here in the country so great because they are constantly discovering treasures and learning about life.

And here is Mr. Toad as he prepares to embark on his new life of freedom, back in the garden where Doodle found him. I like to think he is pondering the good times he had as a member of the Smeltzer family (I can just see the highlight film with "I've had the time of my Life" playing in the background).

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