Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Just a quick note about a couple cute things Doodle (4.5 years) said today.

1) We were getting ready to leave for AWANA (Bible club at church) and we sent the big girls upstairs to get dressed. Doodle comes down and sits at the table. Me, "Are you wearing two pair of pants?" Doodle, "Yes because this top pair are capri-ses" That must be the plural of capri pants! Sure enough, she had on a pair of jeans under her pink capris!

2) Later in the evening, I told Doodle she needed to get her jammies on and she was unhappy saying that she just wanted to wear the outfit she had worn all evening. I told her she needed to change and she begrudgingly obeyed. As she walked by Andy he asked her what was wrong. She explained that she didn't want to change her shirt because, "Well, I just wanted to wear it for the rest of my life."

3) Mator has a new habit of sneaking out of bed right after we put her in it. Tonight I found her cuddled up next to Doodle pretending to be asleep. Doodle said, "I'm just going to pray for her." "OK," I say. "Dear Heavenly Father, I just want to pray that Mator will stay in her bed. Please peace her during nappytime. And I just want to say again, please let Mator stay in her bed. Amen."

I think I'll keep these girls!

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