Saturday, November 8, 2008

Camp - In (or Campin' if you're from SE Ohio or Alaska)

What a weekend! I think I could have 3 or 4 different posts it was so full! Friday night we went to the Decorative Arts Center for their First Friday Event. It had a Chinese theme and the big girls are so into that. They always do a nice job of having a project that kids and adults can do, free food and activities in the display. One of the highlights was a storyteller and for reasons I couldn't quite figure out, she had brought some live bunnies. They were the most relaxed rabbits I'd ever seen. She held one on her lap on its back and stroked its tummy until it fell asleep! The kids really enjoyed that. And the project was a small chinese lantern that they painted. Even Mator made one. They gave out little glow sticks that fit inside. More on that later. When we got back, we "camped in" the living room. Here we are reading stories by the firelight in front of the tent.

I had set up the tent in the great room in the afternoon so that when we came back we just roasted marshmallows (over the gas stove) and got ready for bed. The big girls have been begging for a campout all summer. Andy usually takes them once a year. As you will see, I am not much of a camper these days. I really need my white noise (note the radio that played ocean waves all night-hey, you can camp by the ocean!), and a soft bed. So I hauled the cushions off the couch, and two sleeping bags for a mattress for me into the tent. Notice how my bed in the middle is about 10 inches higher than the girls? This also serves the purpose of keeping them from laying on ME in the middle of the night!Then we hung our newly created lanterns from the ceiling of the tent and put the glow sticks in. So neat!

Emma scared the begeesies out of me when she woke up in the middle of the night screaming! My first instict was to put my hand over her mouth so she didn't wake up everyone else-nice huh? I guess she was having a dream because she just laid back down and went back to sleep. It took me a little longer. And, despite me hanging dark blankets over the windows in the living room, everyone was wide awake by 6:30 AM. AHHH, the joys of camping!

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Adina4Christ said...

The rabbits were there because they are a symbol of Good Luck in China.