Friday, November 7, 2008

What is the deal with Facebook?

OK. I'm really trying. I am. But I don't get the draw to Facebook. Yes, I have made contact with a couple people I haven't heard from since high school (that's about 16 years ago for those of you keeping track) and that was really neat. I like that part. But I don't get the "addiction" that everyone talks about. How they have to check it all the time and can't go a day (or hour) without it. I find that I have a hard time ever checking it.

I get a new email everyday saying so-and-so recommended this friend or to join this group or that. I haven't joined anything yet because it seems like you have to give access to your account or something to do that and I haven't had time to research what that means or the repurcussions of such an action. So, I'm missing something here. If you are a big Facebook user, please tell me why you love it so much! I hate to think that I am missing the point but alas, I am!

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Vanessa and Shane said...

Well, I have to admit I AM a Facebook user! (and I will find you and add you as my "friend" so watch out. ;-)

I think the draw for me at the beginning was getting that little peek into people's lives that I hadn't been in touch with for so long. A lot of my internal musings were things like, "Oh, so THAT's who he married," and so on.

For now I like to use it to connect with my classmates (we have a group and use it to share info), and I always check out my friends' new baby pics. I must be in the older generation of users though, because I don't connect to it on my cell to check during class (like some of the young'uns do in my school). But it IS kinda fun. ;-)