Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pics from the trip

Andy and I left Lancaster to escape the political madness of Ohio in the days leading up to the Presidential election and where did we end up? Another swing state! Oh well! We did have a wonderful time and I was able to get a basic bones web site up at (Go check it out-let me know what doesn't work or is frustrating).

Here are some pictures of the trip. When we went to church on Sunday, it was in a beautiful neighborhood full of houses like this one. I saw one in the paper from this street that was for sale - 1.2 million dollars!Here's the CNN truck outside the church intereviewing parishioners of First Baptist.
This is the front of First Baptist, Richmond. The sanctuary was gorgeous!
This is the place we ate breakfast after church (Perly's) it was so good that I went back there Monday and Tuesday while Andy was at the conference!

Did I mention that I had to order room service one night? This is my $21 hamburger and fries (very good stuff) and it even came with a flower in a vase!
This is our room at the Jefferson Hotel. It was huge and I spent most of my time at the desk over on the right working on the website.

SHHHHH-don't mention this to the kids, there was a pool and I had it to myself whenever I wanted!
This is an area where Andy's group had a reception at the hotel. I wasn't invited but I did do some people watching (some people call it stalking but I prefer people watching)
This is the lobby with (who else?) Thomas Jefferson in statue form.
Thanks to my parents, Andy's parents and my brother Jason's family for watching the kids! We got back late Tuesday night and hit the ground running. I know this internet equivalent of a slide show of our trip is probably boring you to pieces, I'll try hard to write something more interesting this weekend!

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