Saturday, November 22, 2008

Muffin's Birthday Begins

Andy was blessed to have a number of great coaches as he was growing up. But one in particular has had a longstanding effect on him. A baseball coach named Vickie McCrary is still a friend of our family after all these years (and a move to Florida). She is a teacher too and an inspiration to all that know her. She and her husband never fail to remember our children's birthdays and we are so thankful for their love. Muffin's birthday is next week (the 28th) but in our house birthdays kind of get stretched out between our "family party" (which is about 23 or 24 of our immediate family coming over for dinner and dessert tomorrow) and a "friend party" which is not until December 7. Plus, on her actual birthday we celebrate as a family. This year it is even stretched a little farther since Vickie and Bill's gift arrived today. Since they always mail their gifts and never get to see the excitement of the day, here's a little video of Muffin getting her gift.

Thanks again! By the way, do we need a new video camera or what? Hint, Hint Santa!!

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