Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mator's Vision Improves

I did it. Eight years after the birth of my first daughter, I cut some hair. Although I was chastised by a friend (jokingly) for not taking her to a salon for this momentous occasion, I decided to do it myself. I just couldn't see spending ten dollars on a haircut for a two year old that would take a total of 84 seconds to complete. And if there is one thing I learned growing up in the age of big hair, teasing and perms, it's that hair grows back. So here is her "before" picture (notice the slightly raised chin in an attempt to see under the hair):

And here she is "after". Andy held her arms down and snip - snip it was done! It is funny how much older she suddenly looks. Later, when asked by Pop and Sue where she got her haircut, she replied, "At the fair!"

Yes, I saved the hair but I have no idea why. Has anyone else ever looked at their own baby hair as an adult and thought, "Wow. This is gross. What am I going to do with this?" When I find this in the shower I put on rubber gloves, close my eyes and throw it away. Why do we keep things like this? Is this strictly an American tradition? But, like a good traditionalist, I kept my own children's hair, too. If for no other reason so that they can ask, "Why?" when they are adults!

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BoufMom9 said...

Hi! I hope it's not strange that I am stopping by your blog. I saw your blog listed on my stat counter.
You have a beautiful family!

I do agree, saving hair is an odd custom. Although, I do think I remember something about it being a custom insome African tribe to do so as well. So, I don't think it's just Americans:)