Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fairfield County Fair - 2008

The Fairfield County Fair (always the second full week in October) was the earliest in October it could ever be held and consequently, one of the most beautiful weather-wise that I can remember. Our family went on Thursday and battled the crowds and two sicknesses but still had a great time. I asked the older kids before we got there, "Besides the rides, what do you REALLY want to see or do at the fair." Muffin said rabbits and Doodle said pigs and thankfully, we got to see both. One barn at the fair we always make a point to see is the baby animal barn. In here were 8 or 10 baby pigs, a calf, some goats and chicks.

Doodle was so tender with the chicks and loved to handle them and teach the other kids how to do it safely.

Mator, being one of the sick ones, was only with us for a couple hours before Grandma Sue rescued her and gave her a nap. But she did get to ride two rides including this one moment of bliss on the big slide. She also loved the animals and repeated my warning that there would be "poop on the floor" about 100 times.
Here is my beautiful Muffin, a budding photographer, who posed this one herself as well as a more serious pose where she is looking off into the distance with a thoughtful expression. She was very content on the kiddie rides which makes it easier for us as we can keep everyone in one area that way.

Our last ride is always with Mommy on the BIG ferris wheel. This year, Doodle was big enough to join us too! Some other highlights of the day: Daddy winning the two older girls canes at the ring toss, running into friends all over, cotton candy and french fries, fried cheese, a clown making balloon animals, sitting on tractors and 4 wheelers, and playing in a prefab play house that was for sale. We always joke that this week Lancaster becomes a redneck Disneyworld but we say that with affection for some of Andy's and my fondest memories were childhood days at the fair. Can't wait until next year!


Brandon said...

Hey - we were there on Thursday too! I was looking around for people I might recognize, but with little success. We watched the band show and visited most of the animials that day.

We got the Starbucks card and the note! Thanks again, we will enjoy it!

Janis said...

Did you get all your kiddos to sit for the band show? My niece is a flute in the FU band and I would love to sit through that but I can't imagine the kids sitting through it. We must have crossed paths somewhere during the day-glad you got the card!