Monday, October 27, 2008

Hocking Valley Railroad

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day that we got to spend on a train with some of our favorite people. My mom got some tickets for the Hocking Valley Railroad and we all met in Nelsonville for a ride. My brother Frank, his wife Andrea and their two cute girls went with my parents and our group of five. Pictured above are Andrea, Wilson (3) and Grampy (otherwise known as my dad and who, despite his expression, likes both trains and his grandchildren-the latter a great deal more than the former!)
Once we got on the train we rambled along for about 1 1/2 hours. The kids did a pretty great job. They colored, acted silly, ate snacks, tried to stick body parts out the windows without being caught and only screamed a few times. The picture above shows Annabelle (5) and Muffin acting silly and growling at me. We stopped at Robbin's Crossing for an all too short 30 minute visit around a mini-historical village. There were 8 or 10 buildings to explore and my girls totally DIG this stuff (we went to Colonial Williamsburg this summer too). Here is Mator climbing to a loft in a house.
Here the photographer (that's me) was trying to balance composition and lighting and ended up with some portable toilets in the background. How cute!
Here Doodle is playing with this old fashioned toy-is she happy or what!
Muffin managed the stilts for a moment and even took one step. She practiced this about 100 times at Williamsburg this summer.
Mator taking a break on Daddy's shoulders.
Five of the Eight Foster Grandchildren...Mator (2) Doodle (4) Wilson (3) Annabelle (5) and Muffin (7)
Here everyone was trying to stop the caboose from running over Wilson on the tracks!
We had a great dinner in Logan (I know, that sounds ridiculous but it is true) and had another adventure when we got home but that is for another blog posting!

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BoufMom9 said...

These are great pictures! It looks like such a great time. I just LOVE stepping back into time like that, esp. if the kids get a chance to see it too.

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