Saturday, October 4, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Mator is frequently expressing her desire to attend school, just like her big sisters. I am frequently expressing my desire to pull my hair out because of Mator's antics. In the spirit of "Back to School Essays", I think this is what Mator would have to say...

Well, I spent a lot of time naked, as you can see from my pictures. That's only partly because I was making an honest attempt at using the potty. Additionally, I'm doing some research on "non-traditional fashion". The picture above is shows my swimwear line. It's pretty low budget and functional too! [Here is the part where mom interjects the"rest of the story"... while all the kids are playing in the sprinkler/yard, Mator sneaks into the garage, takes off her clothes and puts these on]

This picture shows my cosmetic line, it's a little "tribal" but I think it will catch on! [Mator gets into the face paint crayons!]

I'm trying out this sticker ensemble but it still seems like a work in progress. [No real story hear, this is what I get for constantly saying, "Stickers go on paper and people ONLY]

Got clean laundry in a basket? Let me help with that...

We went to Williamsburg, Virginia this summer and all I got was this lousy water bottle (and a minor black eye!) [Yeh, so this happened in June and I really can't remember how!]

My big sisters played softball and sometimes I liked to hang out in the van. Especially when I could find some random candy under a seat. MMMMM! Tastes like carpet! This lip color is really more for fall though! [Andy coached and the setting is not really conducive to letting a 2 year old run around. So a lot of the time I let her climb around in the van while I stood outside and watched as much of the game as possible. This was one of those times I regretted that.]

This is my experiment with green permanent marker. Notice that it is NOT to be worn in conjunction with a diaper. I mean, permanent marker stains, I don't want that on my DIAPER! [I was more concerned with getting the stains out of the vinyl flooring. Tried hairspray and that worked pretty well, the rest came up with a Mr. Clean Magic eraser-just a little FYI!]


Kristen said...

Janis- I am loving your blog! Your stories are hilarious and make me smile on some tough days! Thank you!

Janis said...

Thanks Kristen! I'll bet you have some funny stories too! The good thing about having them here is that on those tough days, I can easily remember the good ones too!