Friday, October 24, 2008

Punkin' Farm

After school on Tuesday we went on our annual trip to "Pigeon Roost" Pumpkin Farm in Hebron. We've gone there for about the last 6 years (except last year). Here is a shot from 2006. I only took about 15 pictures that year and they were all kind of stinky. Can you guess why I couldn't juggle the camera?

Each year they add new attractions but the price has been $4 for a long time. What I really love is how everything is so simple but clever. Hay bales and tarp f0rm a fort / tunnel. PVC pipe and water pumps form a rubber duck race. There are things to climb on, in and through, there are animals to pet (and chase - although I try to discourage that it seems that I always turn around to see a child of mine running after a loose rooster or turkey. This year it was a rabbit), a corn maze to race through against Daddy, teepees, a cornbox (instead of a sandbox) cornstalks and on and on. The best part - nothing is plugged in. I mean that everything is just old fashioned fun. We also picked out one pumpkin for carving. Hopefully we will get to that part this weekend.

This last one I loved how the kids are making the sounds of their animals. Mator is making a moo, can you see Muffin's lips forming her, "neigh!" and of course Doodle's sheep is also saying, "MOOOOOO!" I guess we need to work on that last one!

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