Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Muffin's "Deep Thoughts"

I have been really excited lately to have some great conversations with my almost 8 year old daughter. Andy and I discovered that our airbags in the front seat of our cars are not activated when her tiny heiney is in them so when possible, we let her ride up front. Our normally quiet child becomes a chatterbox full of stories and questions.

It started when she asked me, "Why doesn't everyone just go to the same church?" thus starting a long conversation about theology, worship styles and the freedom God, and our country allows. I wish I had thought of my brother Jason's response though- "Because there isn't enough parking!" When faced with these difficult questions I try to take the simplest answer first. Then, if that isn't enough information, the child will ask another question. I never try to withold any information but rather just answer the question that was asked.

Next, a long series of conversations about politics. Why does one person like McCain and another Obama? How come we are still friends with someone who doesn't like our candidate? Who will raise taxes? What are we paying in taxes? My goal with this conversation is to plant the seed that not everything in politics is black and white. We don't hate the other candidate. In fact, they are probably a good hearted person whose motivations are good. We just believe that the results of our candidate's platform will be better than the results of the other candidate's.

Then yesterday came the series of question I just couldn't answer. Why does the man with the yellow hat always have a yellow hat? And he always wears yellow clothes so does he wash them every night or does he have many outfits that look alike? Alas, I am stumped on this one. Perhaps this is why George is so curious?

The repurcussions of this conversation will haunt us for some time. This morning, I heard Muffin inform Doodle, "Sometimes Mommy is wrong." Ouch!! My armor has a chink! :-)

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BoufMom9 said...

What a smart little girl to ask so many questions and I think it's fantastic that you are being so honest with her.

ps Your comment today was one of the nicest things anyone has ever observed about me & it meant a lot. I wish people that knew me better could figure those things out quicker :)
Thank you very much & please stop on by often. Very nice metting you & looking forward to getting to know you.
:) Debi