Friday, January 23, 2009

Doodle-isms Part II

Doodle, who will be 5 in April, is at a wonderfully blessed age. She is learning new things every day and connecting those things to what she already knows and sometimes, that collision of ideas creates some pretty cute thoughts.

Here's a link to something I wrote earlier about cute things that she says-click here.

Last Saturday she had a couple new moments of brilliance:

1) We were having a sleepover in my room which means that Doodle and Muffin get to sleep in our room for the night. The fun usually involves a fight over who gets to sleep on the couch versus who has to sleep on the mattress on the floor. I try to go to bed at the same time so that I can be in on the "sleepover" fun.
We usually play a game we call the "color game". This involves one of us asking another questions like, "What color is Uncle Todd's car?" or "What color were the plates at the restaurant?" and the legendary, oft repeated, "What color is Grammy's toilet?". We vary the level of difficulty depending on the player and level of sleepiness. Doodle will always ask someone, "What color is the earth?" (By the way, the correct answer is - "Green for the plants, blue for the water, brown for the desert and white for the snow.")

This particular night we were all pretty tired when Doodle announced,
"I want to play a NEW game and make one up."
Her sweet, supportive older sister immediately announced, "I'm not playing, I'm too tired." PAUSE.
Doodle's sweet, hopeful voice, "Mommy, are you going to play?"
"Of course honey, I'm tired too but I REALLY want to play."
At this point Doodle begins to explain the rules which sound like a mix between American Idol and kick the can-not exactly the "wind down for bed" kind of games that we usually play.
"Mommy, are you SURE you want to play?"
"Yes honey, I'm really going to try."
"Well, feel free to say no."
At which point I burst out laughing and tell her how much I appreciate her kindness and I will take her up on that one!

2) As we were getting ready to go to her cousin Annabelle's 6th birthday party I could see that Doodle's gears were turning.
"Mommy, I don't get it. How old is Elle going to be?"

Me- "6"

"But I don't understand."

Me-"Well, she was 5 on her last birthday so she will be 6 on this birthday."

"Wait, I think I understand! So, each year, you are one year more!"

Me- stunned silence as I imagine the years of therapy that might be required if the word on the tip of my tongue actually exits my mouth -"DUH!" Thankfully, that money can be invested into college fund because I did manage to keep it in.

Isn't four just a great age?

This picture of Doodle at Epcot a few weeks ago may explain a few things...

Just kidding! This is really my dad's beer and Doodle was quite impressed with the size of the mug!

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BoufMom9 said...

Too cute! I just LOVE the way little kids' minds work. the things they come up with :)
What an adorable little girl!