Thursday, January 29, 2009

Philosophy of a Snow Day

************Added video today at the bottom of the entry********1-30-09*****************

Ahhhh, the irony of a snow day. Or three snow days in a row. Or three snow days this week that followed 1 snow day last week. You'd think I'd have time to write blog post after blog post. But alas, this is my first since last Sunday. Why is that? Well, I think I've developed a theory so sit back and enjoy the ride...

Have you ever found yourself saying something like, "If only there were twelve more hours in a day!" I think that a snow day is God's way of giving you those twelve extra hours. Now stay with me here, I realize that this only applies to people who have a vocation that allows for snow days too (teachers, stay at home moms) but it works for us. Here is a day when all of your plans are changed. No one expects you to make it to a meeting, club or practice on a snow day so suddenly, your schedule is cleared (and you didn't have to do anything drastic like go to the ER). All of those things you have been putting off (catching up on 3 years of scrapbooking, cleaning under the stove, writing Christmas thank you notes) can be accomplished! Oh but wait! Why is it that after two consecutive such days, not one thing has been done, and your house is actually messier than before the snow days? Where did all those hours go?

In my case, I did spend the hours doing something I wouldn't normally have done. I spent hours playing with my children, hanging out with my familyand staying up until midnight watching "Office" reruns with my husband. And really, what good is an updated scrapbook if you don't have things like these to put in them:Above: Doodle as a walrus

Doodle insisted on pulling Mator in a sled to Grammy's.
That's a lot of ice.
Here's a video that I finally got to work from out new video camera! Yeh!

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Adina4Christ said...

I really like the picture of the basketball hoop! Looks like you guys had fun! Took Denzel over to Pastor Jason's to sled. It was kind of a wimpy hill compared to yours!! lol But Denzel had fun anyway!!