Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gross picture alert!

Thank you to all who have asked about my surgery Monday. I had arthroscopic surgery to remove some torn meniscus and scrape away some arthritis. It went very well and the worst pain so far has been the back of my throat. There are two abrasions in the back of my mouth that were (I assume) caused by something the anesthesiologist did and mostly that is worse than the knee pain. After I exercised and having walked around yesterday, there is some more soreness and stiffness but really much better than I expected.

The girls are very excited when I use my crutches which I find useful when I need to move quickly or am unsure about the surface I will be walking on. We got about 5 inches of snow yesterday and that made for slippery floors at church and sidewalks so I was glad to have them but I don't use them around home. I'm off to class, did I mention that this is the second week of the quarter and I am teaching at the univesity again? I guess that should be another post...

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rudymc said...

Hi Janis
This is Carri (Vincent) McCandlish from high school.... boy I had typed quite alot and then had to 'signup' so it did not save. Anyhow- I have read several of your blogs, very enjoyable. Awesome to see that the Lord is at the center of your life. Enjoyed the Potty blog... I can take credit for training only 1 of my boys :-) Corey was 'trained' his adopted granny -she is so much more than just a babysitter - any how she had kept Corey the week I was in Florida while my mom was on life support and he was potty trained when I got home, Johnathon was 'trained' by my mother-n-law, my work had sent me out of town for a week and she stayed to help the hubby, My hubby took the pleasure of 'training' Andrew, he had been off work d/t a back surgery. Anyhow I was commenting on this blog, because Corey had the surgery on November 3, 2008. d/t football and wrestling, he had torn his meniscus. My baby boy is going to be 18 in April, and he will be graduating in 2010, not far away... Time sure has flown by quickly. Well... did not mean to go on so long... take care God Bless -- carri