Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kids Draw the Funniest Things

I saw a very funny picture done by a second grader on another blog (Stretch Marks-Click here to see the picture) and was inspired to look through the file I kept from my teacher days. I taught both first and second grade for seven years (until my second daughter was born) and over the years I heard and saw some funny things. My brother (who never reads my blog!!!) once told me I should write a book. Isn't it weird how when you are in the middle of something it doesn't seem so unusual (or you might fail to see how someday you will want to remember it)? At the time I thought, "Every teacher has a million of these stories, no one would care about my stories." Every teacher does have a lot of these stories but they are still funny. When I saw the picture on the other blog the first thing I thought of was this from a card one of my precious second graders made...
I was job sharing with Donna Hoffman which meant she taught in the morning and I taught in the afternoon. Donna had some eye surgery and was out for a couple days so our students made her some cards. When you read the top of the card (pictured below) you begin to understand that the picture above actually shows green glasses and eyes and NOT a bikini and well...
I hope this makes you smile like it does me!

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Melissa said...

I was trying to imagine what that could be. "Hope your boobs feel better soon" was all I could come up with....I guess it could be "Congratulations on your new baby..." from the La Leche League.
That is just too funny...!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Always love to meet new readers.