Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sailing Camp - Buckeye Lake Yacht Club

I'm about to go on a blogging spree. I wrote a few entries over vacation and will schedule their posting over the next few days so check back often! Here's a quick one about Muffin...
Muffin has had a very busy summer. In addition to swim team and softball, she also had a week of sailing camp at Buckeye Lake. It was an ideal situation for her to learn the basics of sailing and gain some confidence on the water with a bunch of friends. In addition to her cousin Annabelle, my cousin’s two kids (Ian and Olivia) came in for the week. Also, Annabelle’s friends (Michael, Mattie, Katie and Susannah) who are Muffin’s friends too made it lots of fun for her.

I grew up at Buckeye Lake (well, not literally but I spent A LOT of time there) and had many years of sailing camp-some fun, some not. It is a very long day (9-4) and being an introvert, it was exhausting for me. Plus I usually didn’t know anyone very well and it always seemed like everyone else knew each other. Really, all kinds of camps were a pain for me. I was always anxious to get back home. So I was really hopeful that things would work out for Muffin because she is a lot like me. The weather was great except for one day and having so many friends there seemed to make the difference because on Thursday when I told her, “Don’t worry, we still have one more day!” She replied, “What?!! It is only ONE week?”

Here she is getting an Opti ready to sail. She is putting in the centerboard.

Here she is sailing with one of the instructors. It was a very windy day so she ended up being one of only a few to take the tiller. Most of the other kids just went out with their instructor at the tiller.

Here she is with my cousin's daughter, Olivia. She even stayed at our house for a few nights during the week and the girls had a ball together.

Some days, while Muffin was out on the lake, the rest of us would hang out at the Yacht Club pool. Here is Mator making herself at home with someone's sun glasses!

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