Friday, July 24, 2009

Foster Family Vacation-2009

Tennessee style. Sweet tea and southern drawls accepted here. Yes, this year the Fosters took their annual vacation to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This was actually a repeat destination (different house) from our 2002 trip. That year the kids were 8 months (Muffin), 1 year (Jared), 3 (Justine) and 7 (Jill). This year the kids were almost 3 (Mator), almost 4 (Wilson), 5 (Doodle), 6 (Elle), 8 (Muffin), 9 (Jared), 11 (Justine) and celebrating her 15th birthday, Jillian.

My photographer friends will appreciate this amazing feat. This picture was achieved in one shot on the top floor deck of our house. Seriously. When I saw it I knew that it couldn't be any better (short of substituting a few family members for members of the Angelina-Brad Pitt clan) so I didn't even take any more than this one. Wow!And what a week! Our house was huge, 8 bedrooms, 4 floors-and we used every bit of it with the 16 of us. The indoor pool was freezing the first couple days and then they figured out the heater and it was amazing.

I'll try and make a montage of pictures to post because of course, I took about 300 and once I see everyone else's pictures that number will be gigantic. Be prepared. There will be one edited video of Mator that brought my entire family to hysterics of laughter. I hope the video does it justice!

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