Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Typical Summer Day

Here is a typical shot around our house. Muffin and Doodle are doing nails in the bathroom. They have really gotten along well this summer, very few fights or tears between them. That makes the thought of sending them back to school soon even harder. Doodle will be in kindergarten and Muffin in third grade. Doodle is ready to go today. Muffin constantly asks to be home-schooled. We are actually considering a form of that for her next year. FCA calls it a co-op and for elementary students it basically means that she is either there for the AM or PM. Then is home schooled on the missed subjects. The seems like an ideal scenario for her since it requires her to do some large group adapting but also maximize her strengths by moving at her own pace. We’ve already registered Doodle for Kindergarten full time and I feel sure that it is the right decision for her. We’ll have to decide soon for Muffin. Until then, I plan to enjoy the rest of our days of summer!

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