Friday, March 26, 2010

Mator's Friends

Mator has some best buddies. Well, truth be told, she's her own best friend. She has been playing in her room with her "Little People" for the last twenty minutes totally engaged and having a ball by herself. But, when she wants some company, she loves to play with these guys. Ethan and Bryce are friends from church and they go to preschool on Wednesdays with Mator. So she sees them Sundays and twice on Wednesdays (school and church again). There is another boy, PJ, whom she also adores. She sees him at church too.

These boys are gems. God didn't give me any boys for a reason, but if he had, I would hope they would be like these three little guys. They give me hope that there are nice boys who are respectful and kind but also manly-men (as far as little boys go).

Here are Ethan, Bryce and Mator on their second day of preschool last September (singing, "If you're happy and you know it")After school that day I took them to Rising park to burn off some energy.Here they are this week at our house. I sent them out to the deck to play and gave them some bubbles. Then Mator came inside and asked for some towels so they could have a "beach party". Sure, that sounds like fun. I was sitting just inside the deck door working on my computer and when I looked out at them, I noticed that they were undressing. Hmmmm, what kind of beach is this?? I let them all go topless (it was 65 degrees!) and they seemed to be OK with that. This is why I just love 3 and 4 year olds-aren't they so cute!

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