Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Weekend: Part 1

What a weekend! Well, it's only halfway done but we are packing in the fun!

Last night we got to see my oldest niece in her school's production of "The Wizard of Oz". Newsflash to me: my 15 year old niece is all grown up! Wow! She was Dorothy and did an awesome job. Everyone said so. Especially after I would open every conversation with, "Dorothy is my niece. Wasn't she awesome?!" Not surprisingly, no one disagreed!

We got home and were in bed at around 11:30! This is crazy for my kids who are usually in bed by 9:00. So it wasn't too surprising that we slept in late. I decided I was going to try and stay in bed until I got hungry. Well, considering we went to this great Greek restaurant for dinner last night, I stayed in bed until after 9!! I justified this by the fact that my kids went to bed about 3 hours after they usually do so I should get up about three hours after I usually do. It worked for me!

This afternoon we went to Giant Eagle because the Easter bunny was visiting and they had some games and hey, I like Giant Eagle! Here are my cuties with the Giant Eagle brand Easter bunny.

After lunch and some sisterly sparring (purportedly a result of lack of sleep-pshaw!), the kids went outside to play a little. About 15 minutes later, Muffin yells, "Look out the window if you want to see Doodle riding a bike!". So I did. And Muffin, my little 9 year old teacher, had filled in for her lazy parents and taught her almost-six-year-old sister how to ride a two wheeler! And she's off...
Riding into the sunset...another step closer to grown up! Before I know it, she'll be in her own high school musical and I'll be wondering where those years went!

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