Friday, September 11, 2009

A Confession

I am what I would consider to be an incredibly loyal person. I find it intensely distasteful to abandon the ones you love in favor of something new or "improved" (remember I'm the one whose daughter inherited my tendency to not want to hurt my stuffed animals' feelings?). Anyway, lately I've had a wandering eye. I feel like if I confess it here, perhaps I can get a little accountability.

It started when I heard my friends talking about how cool it was. But I resisted the urge to consider such things and even thought a little less of them. But then once, when I had a few minutes alone, I found myself being drawn in; and that's how temptation begins. Nothing happened and I felt really guilty and sort of fled the situation. But then there I was with all three kids and I was tired. And I gave in.

I went to Giant Eagle. I'm usually a Meijer or Kroger kind of girl. Occasionally even a Carnival foods woman. But this new Giant Eagle has been wooing me (it seems) with its slick ads, double coupons and (irresistible) free child care while you shop. For so long I've ignored its attempt to impress me with that beautiful produce and artfully displayed bakery items. But yesterday I could no longer resist. And frankly, I think I'm in love.

Let me be clear. I spent more money there at one time than I've ever spent on simply groceries. I know that is their tactic. I'm on to them. But I loved it anyway. And I only bought necessities and things that I had a coupon for (and only if those were on sale). Plus, unlike Meijer and Kroger, I only came home with food and not other random items (lunchbox, new shirt, ice cube trays, etc.). I used to fantasize about carefully prepared grocery lists and coupon lists that I stuck to and from which I refused to deviate. I dreamt of time to spent pondering the per ounce price of grated parmesan vs. the block. And now those dreams are coming true.

My next step is to plan a date night with my wonderful husband. We'll take advantage of the free child care, head over to the little restaurant area of the store and enjoy our (maximum) of two hours. A little bit of heaven.

But shhhhhh, don't mention it to Kroger please.


A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

As long as you're using coupons, what's the harm. I mean, really.

Wendy said...

I love this Janis! I really do spend the same amount at GE as I did at Krogers, I promise.

Libby did mention to the Eagle's Nest Girls that we had run into Krogers for something.... they called me a traitor! I seriously love those ladies, and shamefully they know my kid by name!

Melissa said...

It's so not fair that I live in a state without this amazing store. Publix has never wooed me with free child care. And Walmart? They are like that trashy chick that someone cheats with and everyone says, "You cheated on your wife for that one? What is wrong with you? And where are her front teeth?"
I've been to IKEA and they have free childcare, but I have never had to use it, because when I go to IKEA, I don't take my children. Grocery shopping, on the other hand, is something I almost always have to do with kids in tow. Can you maybe suggest to the manager about opening a chain in Florida???? I'll totally be your BFF. Thanks.