Monday, May 18, 2009

Disciplines of A Godly Woman- Part II

This is the second installment in my story about the overnight trip Muffin (my 8 year old) and I went on in early May. Part I is here.

The nail painting that was supposed to take about 30 minutes, took closer to 90 but who's complaining? We were pretty hungry though so instead of driving out of town to eat, we just stopped at our local "Bob Heavens" so we wouldn't starve to death (or get too grumpy!) Here I got out the notebook and as we were waiting for our food, we did the first lesson: Fellowship. Here is the paper I used:

We got to sit at the bar in the restaurant and look up Scriptures and talk about the value of meaningful fellowship. She is blessed to have a few WONDERFUL friends and I am so thankful. She will always be able to compare future relationships to the purity and delightfullness of those she has now. And now she has a scriptural filter to begin learning to discern what kind of fellowship is pleasing to the Lord and what kind isn't. To be sure, I am not saying that she should only fellowship with believers; although at this age, we are still carefully monitoring all of the influences in her life. But as she grows, our hope is that she will be a light to all those with whom she comes in contact.

After dinner we drove the 25 minutes to Canal Winchester to the Best Western. By the time we got settled, it was about8:00. We decided to do one more lesson now and then go swimming until we were too tired to move. Next we discussed Worship:

We went over this sheet and then we made a list of all the words she could think of to describe God. We made those into this wordle. We printed this out at home and put it in the cover of her notebook. After this activity, we went to the POOL! We were the only people there for the first half hour. Then about seven kids came in ranging in age from 8-16 (unattended) and I thought it was going to get pretty rowdy. Actually, they were pretty well behaved and when I was tired of swimming was about the same time that Muffin made friends with the 8 year old girl.

Here is probably my second favorite moment. Muffin is QUITE competitive. That is an understatement. Anyway, this little girl wanted to race Muffin (who is a pretty good swimmer). I felt a little sorry for Alexis because she was definitely NOT a good swimmer and I couldn't figure out why she wanted to keep racing Muffin. Then I realized that Muffin was letter her win. I don't think that has EVER happened before. This little girl was staying at the hotel because her house had had a fire and they were unable to be at home for a month. Muffin realized that she could bring her a little bit of joy and made a HUGE (for her) sacrifice. I was so proud! Here she is doing a "handstand" from the side (yes, it is a dive, I know!)

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BoufMom9 said...

This is just so beautiful. What a lovely and gracious heart and soul your sweet little girl has.
No wonder you are so proud.