Thursday, March 19, 2009

Now You Know the Rest of the Story

This is Part II of a story about a bunny we found. Click here to read the first part.
As with most stories regarding the rescue of a baby bunny, our bunny story didn't end well. When I got up the next morning, he had died. I had prepared the kids for this possibility but still, the first words out of Muffin's mouth when she got up were, "Is the bunny still alive?" She was very disappointed. They both (Muffin and Doodle) wanted to hold it so I let them. Muffin was pretty upset so I printed out one of the pictures I had taken the day before of her with the bunny for her to take to school with her. I asked her what she liked most about the bunny and she listed a few things. Then she wrote them down on the printout, beside the picture. She proceeded to interview everyone else and write down their answers too.

After school we buried it in a little box by the well. Muffin made a grave stone that I'll post a picture of later (it's rainy today). At the funeral we all talked about what we'll remember about the bunny and then placed flowers on its grave. Things like this soften me as a person and I'm grateful for the chance to share this with the kids.

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Rest in peace, bunny.

Love the photos. I really think it's experiences like these that teach children the most about life. Good for you for making that opportunity available to them. :)