Monday, January 11, 2010

Time Keeps on Slippin'...Into the Future

Sometimes it seems that the work around here is never done. Yesterday I was cleaning out our entryway closet where all the shoes congregate. It involves removing three bins of shoes ranging from a child size 9 to a (getting bigger every day) size 4. Next, I sort through them and pull out the shoes that don't fit any more or aren't weather appropriate (crocs are year round though-as far as I'm concerned!). Of those that don't fit, I need to evaluate whether a younger sister will wear them in the future or whether we are done with them. If we are done with them, are they in good enough condition to donate or are they trash? THEN, it's time to sweep out the closet and carefully rearrange the remaining shoes into bins. The picture above shows what the empty, clean closet looks like just after sweeping.

It took 45 seconds for me to vacuum this closet and during that time I experienced a sweeping range of emotions. I started out a little irritated and the thought went through my mind that I had to deal with this mess far more often than I'd like. Then the practical side of me realized that I could probably do this once a month so that it would be cleaner /nicer. And a little bit of prideful indignation started up the back of my throat ("Like I have time for one more commitment!") Then suddenly, I saw that empty floor and a third thought crossed my mind: Someday there won't be any shoes in that closet. Perspective in 45 seconds.


Wendy said...

Funny, how these moments hit us. I have been going through similar feelings lately. Yesterday it was "I'll miss arguing with her about wearing tights to church someday."

How lucky those of us are who God has reminded us to be thankful for our blessing however they may come.

rileyinyellowknife said...

It's true. One day I was complaining about something silly, like how long bedtime lasted for my daughter, and how I couldn't wait until she could put herself to sleep. A woman with grown children said to me, "Don't wish the years away." I think about that phrase all the time.