Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is it Monday yet?

Whew! What a weekend! Andy left early Saturday morning with his brother to go to Detroit. He scored some tickets to the NCAA Final Four tournament making all of his friends and acquaintances madly jealous. This is how it works so you can tell (or not tell) your husband. After this tournament is over, interested people put their names (and $25) into a lottery for tickets. Around August, they draw for the tickets to next years tournament. If your name is chosen, you are charged for the number of tickets you requested. I'm thinking it was $150 or something like that for each person. Then you get tickets to the two semifinal games on Saturday (the actual Final Four) as well as tickets to the National Championship game on Monday night. Then you come home really late on Monday night or stay one more night and take another day off of work. Your choice. Andy is staying one more night.

Also yesterday was my aunt great-great Aunt Elsie's Memorial Service. From what I saw, it was a very nice service although the length of it rivaled my own wedding (I've been told it was rather long but I had no concept of that at the time). Since Andy was gone I had to manage with Mator. She actually did a great job for the first half hour but then I had to take her out. We could still hear from the Narthex but then she got loud out there too so I moved to another room. Then she wanted to return to the "show" and I thought we'd go into the narthex and listen but she got a head start and went barrelling down the side aisle. Naturally, my command to "Stop." was completely ignored and I was left with the debate of which was more irreverant- running after her down the aisle as she was giggling at the chase or letting her continue down the aisle, possibly to the waiting arms of my mom who was sitting in the choir loft on the stage. I elected to give chase, scooped her up and made a hasty exit far-far away.

There were many nice church folks who came to honor her and support my mom and I was so thankful. After the service we had a reception for family at a local restaurant - Billy Crickets. My in-laws had come to the service and offered to take Mator to their house so that I could enjoy the reception and I happily agreed. There were about 50 of us there in a private room and I had lots of opportunities to visit with my aunts, uncles and cousins while Muffin and Doodle played with the other kids. I'm pretty sure they ate, but not entirely positive. I know I had a lot of good things!

We didn't get home until nearly 11 and it was Doodle's turn to sleep in my bed since Daddy was gone. It went well until about 3:00 AM when Doodle began running her marathon....on my back. Somehow she had turned completely perpendicular to me and had her feet planted against my back. Once I turned her the right way it was fine.

We made it to church on time and even to Sunday School. I was in charge since Andy was gone and I think we had a pretty good discussion. He developed a chart to break down sinful behaviors, a biblical goal that takes the place of the behavior, scripture to back it up and then an application column. We went over that for self-control vs. emotion driven behavior and had a lengthy discussion on how to use the fruits of the spirit to train up your child.

It is a beautiful day here so after lunch we had some outside playtime and now some down time. We are planning on heading to church tonight to see our Easter Cantata. Mufin has school tomorrow but the rest of the week off for spring break. Now guess what day we're expecting a possiblity of snow??

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