Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Can Only Get Better, Right?

When your day starts out like this....

it can only go up right? Yes, folks, that is my deep fryer spread eagle on the floor of my kitchen surrounded by the vegetable oil that used to be contained inside it. I store it in the cardboard box in which it came and apparently, the grease not only weakens my resolve (I just see that thing and think of donuts) but it also weakens cardboard. Thus, as I lifted the box, the fryer exited out the bottom and onto the floor.

1. Thank you Lord that I wasn't on the carpet!
2. God, is this your way of saying, "Girl, this thing isn't good for your heart or your hips, put it away!"
3. No, I'm thinking the message from the Lord was more along the lines of, "You really need to clean that kitchen floor. I mean CLEAN it. And what about that crud that is under your oven? While you're down there, do something about THAT too!"

Thankfully, Mator and Doodle were able to occupy themselves with this while I was cleaning:


rileyinyellowknife said...

Too cute! And fun to hear your voice too, since it's been too many years. This reminds me to get some of my own home movies up on the blog.

cheryl said...

That's so adorably funny!! I must tell 16blessingsmom to show this to her little ones.. they can give some of their toys away!!